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To get started you’ll need some things.

  1. A device to stream from

    You can use common devices to stream on such as your phone, tablet, laptop etc. but if you want to stream to your TV, you’ll need ensure you have something a device to stream media to it. If you have a smart TV running Android you may be able to use apps on it without needing to buy an additional media box.

    Checkout our section on streaming devices for more details.

  2. Setup a VPN

    Since your internet activity gets monitored by your ISP and potentially other interested parties, streaming online can land you in legal issues. To ensure anonymity and security, anyone that uses apps to stream content for free needs a VPN service.

    Checkout our section on VPNs to find out what they are and what they really do.

    You can use your VPNs service directly from the device you are streaming from with the supplied app, or setup a router to channel all internet activity through it, ensuring all connected devices are secure.

  3. Install streaming software

    You’ll need to install software to start streaming from. See our sections on Kodi and other streaming apps for more details.

    CyberFlix TV

  4. Streaming peripherals

    You may require some peripherals such as a USB keyboard and mouse tracker in order to navigate the apps effectively, since most are designed with a touch screen in mind. These come in very handy if streaming from non touch screen devices that have USB ports, e.g. smart TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android media box etc.

    Keyboard Mouse

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