If you’re not using Windows – check our guides on streaming devices for your specific device to find out how to install Kodi onto your device.

For a Windows device such as PC or laptop its fairly simple:

Setup Kodi on a Windows device.

  1. Select your platform

    Head over to the Kodi downloads page and select your platform.

    Kodi select platform

  2. Download Kodi

    Choose whether you want to install from the Windows store or download the installer application.

    Kodi select installer

  3. Install Kodi

    Run the installation program and follow steps to install it.

  4. Allow Kodi internet accees

    If presented with the following screen you’ll probably want click ‘Allow access’ to allow Kodi internet access through your Windows Defender Firewall.

    Kodi Allow Internet Access

  5. Done

    Once installed you can run the Kodi application.

    Kodi installed

Streaming online can result in legal repercussions. You must use a VPN to keep you safe and anonymous on the internet. See our VPN guide.

With Kodi installed you’ll want to install a Kodi build.

Check out our Kodi Builds guide for information on builds.

Check out our installation guides for builds.

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