Install Coto Movies on your NVIDIA Shield

Here’s how to install Coto Movies onto your NVIDIA Shield.

Your online activity is being monitored and streaming paid for content for free can result in legal repercussions. You must use a VPN to keep you safe and anonymous on the internet. See our VPN guide for details and links to get started.

Check out our guide on Coto Movies for more information on what Coto Movies is.

Here’s how to install Coto Movies onto your NVIDIA Shield.

  1. Install Downloader

    Open the Google Play store from your Apps list, search for ‘downloader’ and hit install.

    NVIDIA Shield Downloader

  2. Enable install from unknown sources

    To allow Downloader to install Coto Movies from outside of the Google App Store we need to allow it to install from unknown sources. This is a security feature so be careful when installing unknown apps and make sure you trust them.

    Go to Settings > Security and restrictions > Unknown sources.

    Shield Unknown Sources

    Click on Downloader to switch on this feature for the Downloader application.

  3. Download and install Coto Movies


    Open the Downloader app from your apps list from the home screen and type the following URL into the URL box at the top:

    Once downloaded, hit ‘Install’ from the Downloader screen, then ‘Install’ again on the white android installer dialog screen.

    Once installed you can select ‘Done’ to return or ‘Open’ to open up Coto Movies.

    If you hit back to Downloader you’ll be presented with an option to delete the installer file. We don’t need it anymore so go ahead and choose to delete the apk installer to free up some space.

  4. All Done!

    Coto Movies

    Coto Movies is now installed. You can access it through Settings > Apps.

    Don’t forget to ensure you’re on a VPN when using Coto Movies.

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