Pair Bluetooth Keyboard to your Firestick

It can be difficult to navigate apps that where designed with a touch screen device in mind. The firestick remote might simply not be able to select areas of an app or at least be difficult to see where the selection focus is at any given time, not to mention long-winded typing when searching for content.

If you’re using any apps on this website we strongly recommend grabbing yourself a Bluetooth keyboard with mouse tracker to make things a lot quicker and easier, for less than £20.

Currently, something like the Rii i8 wireless keyboard and mouse tracker is a good choice and works well with the firestick.

To set it up:

  • From the Fire TV menu go to Settings > Controllers and Bluetooth Devices > Other Bluetooth devices
  • Choose Add Bluetooth devices
  • Hit the Bluetooth button on your Bluetooth device to put it into pairing mode
  • Select it once it appears on the firestick screen to pair the device

You can also disconnect paired Bluetooth devices from this screen if you wanted to remove one. You can have up to seven paired.

All done!

Now your Bluetooth keyboard is paired you’ll see just how useful that mouse tracking pad is with streaming apps that have been designed for touch screen devices.

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